December 9, 2007
Maundrell Park
Petersham, NSW

n 2007 we curated this biennial exhibition of public sculpture and installation on behalf of Marrickville Council, in a park in Sydney’s Inner West. Cross-pollinations recalled the history of Maundrell Park as a former plant nursery and hothouse, bringing together local and far-flung artists to propagate new perspectives on the ‘nature’ of public space in the city. An artist discussion-picnic offered audiences the chance to engage more critically with the works and the ideas they raised.

Works in the exhibition drew upon a variety of artistic media, including urban detritus, organic matter, domestic artefacts, sound, and even the park’s own living weeds. By turns poetic and subversive, all represented an intervention of sorts, into how we ordinarily move through and interact with the spaces around us, and into how we share our cities and their occasional patches of green.

Exhibiting artists were James Gulliver Hancock, Indonesian collective TUK, Jane Gillings, NoBody, Greg Shapley, Brendan Penzer, Elke Wohlfahrt, Rebecca Pearson, Huyen-Trang Tran, Peter Williamson and ourselves.


Huyen-Trang Tran
Dislocated Landscape

Bamboo, glass, water
150 X 150 X 26 cm

Plastic info points, printed material, weeds
Dimensions variable

James Gulliver Hancock
Stabilising the worry
Children’s BMX, wheels, aluminium tubing, steel rods
110 x 350 x 80cm

Rebecca Pearson
Inside, Outside
Mixed media, found objects
Dimensions variable

Elke Wohlfahrt
Beetroots, earth, metal, timber
1.95 × 2.40 × 1.35m

Jane Gillings
Discarded /unwanted plastic, wire, glue
Dimensions variable

Tessa Rapaport & Karl Logge
Book Case
Suitcases, plywood, cushions, canvas, books
Dimensions variable

Tanam Untuk Kehidupan
Main main aja
Discarded paper and plastic packaging
Dimensions variable

Greg Shapley
Temporal Anomaly
Electronics, crates
36 x 36 x 36cm

Brendan Penzer
Mixed media
Dimensions variable

Peter Williamson
Cyclops Basket
Virginia creeper, draco tree
45 x 45 x 45cm

Artist discussion-picnic