ook Case is a temporary public reading room that travels in a suitcase (or two). Its collection consists of material that can be read in a single sitting - zines, anthologies, essay collections, short stories, poetry etc. - and changes according to each new location it appears in. Readers are encouraged to interact with each other via index/correspondence cards in each book, or by old-fashioned conversation in the reading room surrounds.

Book Case has had three separate outings so far, and is looking to travel to other events or festivals populated by people who like to read. Its collection (and accumulated readers’ notes) expands with each appearance, and can be tailored to suit any given event. Alternatively, if you would like to commission Makeshift to produce your very own travelling Book Case, please contact us.

Donations of appropriate short-format reading matter are always welcome and much appreciated.

Book Case was recently invited to LiveWorks, where it was developed into a new work, Notes on the Art and Manner of (Dis)arranging One's Books.

National Young Writers' Festival
September 27 – 30, 2007
Civic Park
Newcastle, NSW

ook Case was first opened to the public as part of the 2007 National Young Writers’ Festival and This is Not Art, appearing in Civic Park, Newcastle, alongside Open Office for an Editorial Committee. Here it gathered a hefty pile of zines from the many talented zine-makers attending the festival, as well as some great short story collections from David at Cooks Hill Books.




Art in the Park: Cross-pollinations
December 9, 2007
Maundrell Park
Petersham, NSW

or last year's Art in the Park: Cross-pollinations, a sculpture exhibition in Sydney's Maundrell Park, Book Case featured a special collection of plant-related books, an expanded Australian short fiction section, and and some new potted friends. A second case carrying critical writing about public art and urban space also made its first appearance here.