September 4 – 7, 2008
CarriageWorks Arts Centre
Sydney, NSW

development of Book Case, Notes on the Art and Manner of (Dis)arranging One's Books was commissioned by Performance Space for LiveWorks. The work involved a live office / reading room installed in a disused space of the CarriageWorks Arts Centre foyer. A converted traveller’s trunk contained a selection of our own books (literature, poetry, memoirs, reference books, art criticism), from which we drew passages of relevance to the site and the immediate environment. Inhabiting the space for three days, we progressively ‘released’ these excerpts into the surrounding space by sending morse code signals, typing onto blank paperback pages sutured together to form an extended spool, and handwriting directly upon the concrete structure of the building.


Notes on the Art and Manner of (Dis)arranging One’s Books


Books, traveller’s trunk, suitcase, table legs, rug, hookah pipe, lamp, desks, chairs, stool, boxes, crate, paperback pages, typewriter, telegraph line tester & receiver, pot plants, various small found objects, chalk

Dimensions variable