Art Day Is Today / Gang Festival
January 19, 2008
Bill + George Creative Studios (& surrounding laneways)
Chippendale, NSW

‘micro-residency’ experiment at Leura Park Cottage: Four artists on exchange from Indonesia, two artists from the Blue Mountains, six pieces of paper, a suitcase, some ink, coloured dirt and pencils, charcoal, lots of lovely plants, sate ayam, a bottle of Polish vodka, a smattering of Bahasa for beginners, many steps, elusive landmarks, and the mountains mist….

A collaboration between Ayok & Rudy Ardianto (TUK), Exi Agus Wijaya & Djuadi Suami (anakseribupulau) and us (makeshift). Thanks to Ali, Bek & Lauren at Gang.


6 drawings

Ayok looking at tourists looking at the mist

Djuadi drawing at Leura Cascades

Ayok, Exi and Rudy working hard

Some of the drawings and their special transportation case in the Gang Festival exhibition at Bill + George