Breathing Space
18 September– 25 November, 2009
Hawkesbury Regional Art Gallery
Windsor, NSW

he fruit of nine days as Artists-in-Residence at The Lock-Up Cultural Centre in Newcastle, in pursuit of edible botanic possibilities to satisfy the needs of the colony in the event of a future food crisis – chiefly among these ‘muloobin’, said to refer to a plant once eaten by local Indigenous peoples (and from which is derived the original name of the area, ‘Muloobinba’ – purportedly meaning place of the edible sea fern). Arriving at Hawkesbury Regional Art Gallery – some days journey down the Hawkesbury River – a portable greenhouse (emerging from a modified traveller’s trunk) transported specimens of likely ferns gleaned around Newcastle’s coastal CBD, bearing also our own working diagrams and research notes. The greenhouse packs down and travels inside the trunk by sea (or rail) as required.

Recollections of the edible sea fern

Traveller’s case, timber, glass, soil, found fern specimens, acrylic paint

83 x 48 x 90 cm


in transit