n 2004 we co-founded Sydney's only annual exhibition of sustainable and socially responsible graduate design works. With the invaluable help of a small team of Change Designers, we again co-ordinated and managed the event in 2005. Amongst our many and varied roles, in both years we provided: exhibition design and detailing; catalogue design, layout and editing; and graphic design of posters and flyers.

In 2006 the exhibition was passed into the capable hands of a new group of dedicated students to manage and co-ordinate themselves. We did however provide graphic design for the promotional posters, flyers, and catalogue one last time. The event now lives on without us, and continues to attract appreciative audiences.

For more details on our curatorial involvement with Changex visit the Think Tank.

Changex 2004

April 23 - 27
Medium Rare Gallery

or the 2004 exhibition we designed a complete visual identity for the project based around an aesthetic of re-use and recycling. For fitting out and detailing of the exhibition space, we leased objects from local waste recyclers Reverse Garbage, including re-used cardboard shipping tubes and wooden crates for plinths. Second-hand demountable cardboard furniture was sourced for the information desk.

romotional posters were printed on Ecocern 100% post-consumer waste recycled stock, then screen-printed by hand using soy-based ink from The Natural Paint Place (these actually started disappearing from walls soon after we pasted them up, which was amusing!). All labels and information graphics within the exhibition space were printed on the same recycled Ecocern stock.

The catalogue case was hand-made using pattern-making board, framing tape and stencils, with the booklet itself printed on Envirocare 100% white recycled stock (which also has a high post consumer waste content).

Changex 2005

March 17 - 20
St. Margaret's Urban Village
Surry Hills

hangex 2005 was included in the Sydney Esquisse Art + Design Festival at the unfinished building development of St. Margaret’s Urban Village in Surry Hills. Our exhibition was located in a disused concrete interior, destined to become a restaurant, which we transformed into a temporary gallery space with the help of a swathe of extension cords, desk lamps and miscellaneous objects leased from the Bower Re-use & Repair Centre, and non-toxic wall paint supplied by The Natural Paint Place.
esponding critically to the Sydney Esquisse theme of ‘shopping’, the promotional graphics for Changex 2005 featured distorted advertising sunbursts and high-contrast silhouettes of the ‘products’ being exhibited.

A minimalist, low-tech aesthetic was employed in displaying the works within the gallery space, each being represented by a collection of mono-colour A3 posters pieced together to form a large graphic, pasted directly onto the concrete columns and walls.

ach catalogue cover was unique, being made from scraps of reclaimed fabric sewn together and stamped with the Changex logo.

Changex 2006

n collaboration with the 2006 exhibition committee, the event’s visual identity took on a more chaotic, DIY sensibility - with spray paint, stencils and illustrations collaged together on paper before becoming digital, then having colour applied by hand once it was printed (on good old Ecocern again).