e each completed a First Class Honours thesis in 2004 at the College of Fine Arts (UNSW) under the supervision of Professor Richard Goodwin. The ideas explored in these papers continue to inform our practice in other areas. Further postgraduate research is likely forthcoming in the not-too-distant future.

Tessa writes independently for journals and other forums, and in 2009 was Highly Commended for the Frieze Writers' Prize, as well as selected to take part in the Eat Your Words writing mentorship project. She has been published in un magazine and runway; written catalogue essays for artists Sean Rafferty and Hiromi Tango; and featured in the Gang re:Publik anthology of Australia-Indonesia creative exchange.
Her writing can be found online at makeshift journal, our satellite webspace for sharing responses to things we encounter in the course of our work and perambulations (and obviously, updates on said work, sometimes ...).


Cross Currents: Negotiating Cultural Difference
in Design

arl’s honours paper critically examined situations of cross-cultural exchange within the field of design. Two projects, from two very different practitioners, located in West and East Timor, were analysed through the lens of post-colonial theories of entanglement, translation and exchange. A range of strategies were proposed for approaching and understanding cultural exchange as an ongoing, dynamic and transformative process within the context of design.

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Curating Change: Design Exhibitions
and Critical Discourse

essa’s Honours thesis investigated the potential agency of the exhibition curator to generate an engaged critical discourse within the design discipline. Local design exhibitions were assessed with reference to two visual arts theorists interested in radical new strategies for curatorial practice, Binghui Huangfu (curator of Asian Traffic) and Nikos Papastergiadis. The paper argued for a more critically engaged design practice based on a considered and responsive relationship to the contemporary world and articulated through the medium of the exhibition.

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