In the Balance: Art for a Changing World
21 August – 31 October, 2010
Museum of Contemporary Art
Sydney, NSW

wago Patabágun ___ We will eat presently (2010) was a mobile sculpture hosting a series of public picnics designed to re-activate the historically loaded site of the MCA. This location has long been an important food gathering area for Indigenous people and was also home to the Commissariat Store, built in 1812 by Governor Macquarie to supply provisions for the burgeoning colony. Inspired by mobile structures used by food hawkers across Asia, our re-engineered cart incorporated a beehive of native stingless bees and all the equipment needed to serve freshly cooked pikelets and native honey to the public. Responding to the contemporary urban food crisis, as well as the site’s Indigenous and colonial histories, the work was a platform for imagining, researching and discussing the future of food. It also functioned as a model for localised food production and distribution in a city environment.

Gwago Patabágun ___ We will eat presently


durational site-specific installation including mobile food cart/apiary (found materials, steel, timber, bicycle wheels, solar panel, paper lanterns, cooking equipment, beehive with native stingless bees, local honey) and public picnics.

Photos by Matt Venables


The artists wish to acknowledge the invaluable assistance of Dr Tim Heard and his bees (sugarbag.net), Fiona Hall, Anna Davis, David Bowan (Bobo Bicycles), Allan Giddy at the Environmental Research Initiative for Art (ERIA), COFA @ Talyors Square and all the picnic-discussion guest speakers, including Jacqui Newling, John Lennis, Richard Goodwin and Sally Parslow.

This project was supported by JUMP, the National Mentoring Program for Young and Emerging Artists.